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About Us

The company has its own factory building and specializes in all kinds of residential/outdoor and commercial
Wooden door, glass door, sliding door, folding door, fire door, soundproof door;


Welcome to inquire and order wooden doors with drawings, and provide professional advice!
# Fire doors comply with the testing standards of the Housing Department and the Fire Services Department and the fire protection regulations;


Electronic locks


Self-owned factory building, specializing in all kinds of residential/outdoor and commercial

Wooden door| Glass door| Sliding door| Folding door| Fireproof door|


fire-proof door

Fire doors are wooden doors that can resist burning.
Roughly divided into 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours.

How important is a fire door that meets government standards,
It buys time for our most precious life.


The fire doors produced by our factory meet the

  • EU Standard (FRR) BS EN 1634-1:2008

  • British Standard (FRP) BS 476: Part 22:1987

  • Fire and Smoke Regulations of Buildings Department and Fire Services Department


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